10- (Oct 16) No Excuses

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Romans 5:6-11

There’s an old saying, “An excuse is the skin off of a reason stuffed with a lie.”

Some folks live their lives from excuse to excuse- nothing is ever really their fault because there’s always a reason, in their mind, as to why things “happen” to them. Nothing is their responsibility, no commitment is important enough to keep, and instead of facing and working to overcome their human failings it is far less work to point a finger elsewhere.

But the most awful thing is when Christians- followers of Jesus Christ, disciples- find every excuse to face life with the same attitude as those who don’t believe. It’s awful because in failing to show by our lives the distinction that sets us apart, we convey the message that there really isn’t any reason to be a Christ- follower. We’re no different than anybody else. And that ruins any hope we may have had to show others Jesus living in us. What a tragedy.

The truth is we are receivers of an incredible gift- God’s Son came and gave His life so that we can live in fellowship with God throughout all eternity. No arrogance here, because the gift is free and is for everybody. All we have done is accept what God has offered. Jesus paid the price for us- “Christ died for the ungodly.” And Paul’s conclusion once the gift has been received- “We also exult in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received the reconciliation.” What a reason to live joyfully!

The next time you are tempted to view your life through the lens of defeat, despair, or negativity, remember the great gift you’ve been given. Remember what it cost Jesus to wash away your sins. Remember the folks in the world who are watching you- those who need Christ but don’t yet have Him, and those who have accepted Him and need encouragement and a good example. There’s no excuse for being a deliverer of depression- not with Christ in your life and the promises of God given to you.