2- (Feb 18) The Value of a Thing

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Matthew 13:44-46

February, with its celebration of Valentine’s Day, gives us an opportunity to reflect on the value of the people we love. Most of us would never try to put a price on loved ones, but we would with- out hesitation acknowledge their place and importance in our lives.

With other things, we’re a little more particular. We try to get the best value for our money; most need to be wise with the re- sources they have, and waste is never a good thing. Also, inevitably we begin to evaluate, consciously or not, the “worth” of God’s kingdom and our citizenship therein. The conclusion we come to is reflected in how we live our lives.

Entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven is a great blessing God has made available. The price was paid by Jesus on the cross. The benefit is entirely ours, although God gets the praise for providing it. It’s a great deal for us! Whether or not we rejoice and live like we’ve received a great gift is largely a matter of our own attitude toward the gift. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop right now and ask yourself if your life reflects a deep gratitude for God’s gift or not. Believe me, people can see it in your actions and general attitude.


So how great is the value of the Kingdom? In two brief parables, very short statements, Jesus taught that it is worth more than anything else we may possess. In both stories, the kingdom is compared to something of ultimate worth. The men involved sold everything they had to own the hidden treasure and the pearl of great value, respectively. Jesus wasn’t teaching that we can pur- chase our way into the kingdom. The huge bill for that was paid through His sacrifice on the cross. His point was…and is…the overwhelming value of being reunited in fellowship with the God of all creation, against whom we rebelled.


Does the depth of the blessing you’ve received resonate with you? Do you seek to show it in the life you lead? The impact for you and those around you can be huge!