2- (Feb 2017) Good Communication

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Psalm 96

An important part of any relationship we have on earth is learning to express one’s self appropriately. We use different words and different levels of intimacy depending to whom we are speaking. So, we will talk differently to a close friend than we would to a total stranger we just met. Communication will vary for a spouse, sibling, co-worker, supervisor, or employee.
One thing is always true – intentional, purposeful communication is a valued thing. We appreciate it when ideas are expressed clearly. It is a worry to have to wonder what the people with whom we associate in life really think.
The writer of the 96th Psalm wanted everyone who read it to know what he thought about God. And we have some exciting concepts here! There is worship and a rehearsal of God’s majestic qualities (vs. 1-6), an encouragement to worship and witness with wholeheartedness and enthusiasm (vs. 7-10), and a picture of nature welcoming the coming righteous judgment of God (vs. 11-13).
All of which makes me evaluate how I communicate to God (personal worship and praise), and how I communicate His grace to others (reaching out with the gospel message). It isn’t enough just to “think” right; God is honored by our expression in word and lifestyle. Demonstrating in what we say and how we live that He is truly Lord (master, owner) over us. So, don’t hold back when it comes to praising God verbally and wholeheartedly. And let your light shine all will give honor to the Master of your life. He will bless your ministry with fruit that honors Him!