4- (April 17) The Correct Way To Want

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Psalm 37:4-6

Behind the things we want are our reasons for wanting them. One of the keys to happiness is being a discerning “wanter!” I believe we often miss out on bless-ings- or at least miss out on celebrating blessings- because we aren’t looking for them. It takes effort to see and acknowledge how well God cares for and provides for us.

Generally, we desire things which will fulfill what we perceive to be the most vital needs and wants we have. So, learning what to want is a valuable life skill. When you give your life to Christ, learning to redefine your wants to match His desires for your life is part of the maturing process.

In other words, “learn to want what God wants you to want.” Psalm 37:4-6 give us a great deal of help in achieving this.

Begin by taking delight in God’s presence in your life. What encouragement and hope is ours simply because He is present, always, with us. take time to praise Him for that and to enjoy the reality of it.

Take a step of faith into the realm of trusting God unreservedly. Whatever the challenge or need, He always…always…has a plan. Sometimes He uses your own strength and creativity to achieve His ends. Other times He intervenes in amazing and unexpected ways. Look for the positive so- lution and praise Him for it.

Make a commitment to follow God’s ways. Not to default to what you think is best, but to always ask first “What is God’s direction in this circumstance?” Let the principles taught in the Scriptures guide your paths in life. It will take adjusting your way of thinking and curbing the urge to react before seeking God’s wisdom, but the reward of peace of mind and tranquility of heart is a tre- mendous motivator.

God gives us the desires of our heart as we learn to desire nothing more than what He wants. It’s called submission to His will. It is a growing process. But we must start and be willing to put effort into it. More about this next month, and one of the big deterrents we face in recognizing our blessings.