4- (April 18)- Three Dimensions of Life

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Philippians 1:6
There are three “dimensions” of life that are common to all people. For some they are simple realities and are not thought about much. For others, one or another of them dominates, sometimes in an un-healthy way, every aspect of living.

1) The Past- where we’ve come from. The experiences and educa-tion which have shaped us into who we are. Some ignore it. Some worship it. Like a man once said to me, “the past is the best.” But even with that attitude, reality sets in sooner or later and must be dealt with. Others try to distance themselves from it or are scarred by it and dwell on experiences which negatively color their lives. For Jesus’ followers: your past is forgiven, washed clean by Jesus’ blood (Hebrews 9:13-14). Lessons learned set you up to be a bet-ter disciple as life progresses.

2) The Present- where we live right now. What we must deal with, whether positive or negative. The arena in which we move, impact-ed by experiences of the past and our view of the future. For Je-sus’ followers: let your light shine (Matthew 5:16; Psalm 118:24)! Today is the day God has given you, don’t miss an opportunity to be a servant and blessing.

3) The Future- where we’re all going. Some dread it. Others relish it to the point of missing the blessings, opportunities, and lessons of the present. Many would prefer not to think about it, for better or worse. For Jesus’ followers: our future, whether we’re talking about an hour from now or eternity, is wrapped up in our walk with the Lord. Eternal life is His gift to us, and serving His purposes is our privilege every day. (Titus 2:11-14).

Whether excitement, fear, or “whatever” are your reactions, there is a truth that can impact the thinking of a believer and put all three in perspective – Jesus Christ is Lord in every season and experi-ence of life! As we remain in Christ He teaches, comforts, disci-plines, encourages, strengthens, and purposefully uses us. We can be confident in Jesus. He loves us!