7- (July 18) What Kind of Church

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What Kind Of Church…
1 Corinthians 12:14-27
Okay- we’ve all heard the hackneyed saying – “What kind of church would this church be if every member were just like ME!” Its been around since your great-great-great-grandma was a youngster, and it has been printed, quoted, sung, stated, and probably tattooed on someone’s forehead backwards at some point in time. It is old and corny.
It is also true.
Although the function of bringing us from “lost” to “saved” is a function of God’s grace through the action of Christ on the cross, we must exercise our freedom of will to accept it. At no point in time does God force us to become a Christian.
In similitude, at no point in time does God force us to be active in the Body of Christ, His church. But He does clearly lay forth His expectation that we go forward in growth and service- real, measurable progress. We are to “walk” (Colossians 1:10) in a manner that reflects the interests and desires of the Lord (Ephesians 4:1; Philip-pians 1:27). To walk, in these cases, is to intentionally fashion your approach to life so that God is honored by how you live. Is there a better way to do this than by be-ing the active, involved, living member of the Body He expects? By studying, praying, giving, participating, en-couraging, building up? And by receiving the “building up” offered by your fellow believers?
So… some tough questions. What activities/events/service opportunities/ am I skipping at Cornerstone? Why? In terms of personal growth and discipleship, what classes/Bible studies/fellowship opportunities do I not attend? If I don’t, who is discipling me, and to what?
A good thought- what would I like to see happening at and through Cornerstone? Am I aware of the good things already going on? Am I a part of all or any of that?
God doesn’t expect us to do everything. But He does clearly equip and grow us to be active, productive serv-ants of His. So…. what kind of church would this church be if every member were just like ME?