8- (August 2016) You Have A Father Who Cares

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Psalm 34

David wrote Psalm 34 during a tough period in his life (1 Samuel 21:10-22:1). On the run from Saul who wanted him dead, he was forced to fool King Achish of Gath (also called or titled Abimelech in the note preceding Psalm 34) into believing he was insane. The result was that Achish, who might have killed him, instead drove David away, probably saving his life. Psalm 34 is David’s celebration of God’s incredible way of taking care of him, even in hard circumstances. There are many words of praise contained in this psalm. The entire work reminds us of three truths about God that we would do well to keep in mind every day:

God is always present– exemplified in verse 7. Those who maintain a respectful, obedient relationship with Him can count on God being there for them. In the Old Testament, the “Angel of the Lord” represented a powerful manifestation of God’s presence. In our time, the Lord has promised He’ll be with those who love Him and keep His Word (John 14:23) and the Holy Spirit abiding in us is the seal of the authenticity of our faith (Ephesians 1:13-14). Be confident!

God is capable– exemplified in verses 19-22. God’s deliverance from affliction doesn’t always come in the way we would choose, but it always comes (Romans 8:26-39)! His timing is perfect and according to His will; His plan better than anything we could imagine. As you wait for Him, praise and serve Him (Ephesians 2:10). It is amazing what God accomplishes for us as we are busy doing His work. Be confident!

God is willing– exemplified in verses 15-18. If God had all power but lacked the willingness to help us, it would do us no good. But God loves (1 John 3:1), redeems (Romans 6:6-11), disciplines (Hebrews 12:4-13), and forgives (1 John 1:8, 9). An unwilling, rejecting, condemning God would shun us…but that’s the opposite of God’s true nature as revealed in scripture! Isn’t it incredible to know that our Heavenly Father turns to us with an open acceptance of us where we are and gives us the ability to grow daily into the likeness of His Son, Jesus? What power and liberation that gives us to live each day in fellowship with Him. Be confident!

Can you praise the mighty God who cares like David did (34:1-3)? Make your response unfettered worship and service to Him. Make yourself a vessel of God’s love to those around y1ou, especially those who don’t know Jesus. Expect to see wonderful things come through the ministry He gives you!

Happy to be serving with you,