8- Hold On-Hold Up

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Romans 15: 4-6

Folks usually express one of two opinions about people who really stick to a project even when it gets difficult: admiration for their tenacity or wonderment at their stupidity!

It always boils down to whether the project is worth all the trouble or not. That can be a very subjective thing; what is essential to one person is optional for another. For the Believer, the call to serve God and grow into the image of Christ is not optional. It is our purpose for existing!

So we need strength and encouragement. We need assurance that our efforts are working to God’s purposes.

In Romans 15:4-6 Paul identifies the scriptures as a major source of encouragement (v. 4). The ulti- mate result of listening and obeying them is the unified glorifying of God in concert with our brothers and sisters (v. 6). But, there’s one more thing mentioned in both verses 4 and 5: PERSEVERANCE! Alongside encouragement, God bestows it (v. 5).

The word means “patient endurance;” and it describes the ability to remain engaged in life’s circumstances no matter what. It includes the idea of staying power, holding on and riding out the problems and trials. The bottom line is assurance that God has a plan and purpose for whatever we’re experiencing. Ultimately we’ll get through it stronger and better prepared for the next time; more equipped to glorify God with our lives and witness to the world about the love of Jesus Christ.

So HOLD ON….to the promise of God’s power and comfort. HOLD UP…. your heart as an offering for the work of God. He will not disappoint!