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The dream to have an independent Christian Church in the city of Montgomery began back in the middle 70s. There was a small, but faithful group of people who wanted very much to see a church established that used the Bible only as her rule Book. In 1979 the Lord favored the group by sending a minister that was fully funded by a friend of his, thus allowing him to work full time in getting the church up and growing. Soon after his arrival property was found on Virginia Loop Rd with a house that had been empty for five years. The group had been raising money, but they had to put up personal property in order to obtain a loan to pay the remainder. In June of 1980 the congregation officially became Southeast Christian Church and they began meeting in the little renovated house on Virginia Loop Rd. (until this point they were the East Montgomery Christian Church and they met in several different rented locations). From this handful the congregation soon was over flowing the small meeting room in the house. By now it is 1985 and again the group steps out on faith and builds a sanctuary that was soon near capacity. However, the city of Montgomery began to shift and soon families that lived in the neighborhood and attended services began to move to other areas. Many moved out into the metro counties of Elmore and Autauga. In order to be more central to the congregation a decision was made to find property either on the east side or northeast corner of the city. The property was put up for sale. It sold in April of 2000 and the church subsequently bought the current meeting place at 301 Dalraida Rd. in east Montgomery.

This was an emotional time for the church, but God opened doors that no one could explain in locating the current facility. On Easter Sunday in the year 2000 the group held their first service in the new location. The body at Southeast is growing once again, both spiritually and physically. Since moving in there has been a new state-of-the-art sound and video system installed, walls erected to create more Sunday School rooms, two large handicapped accessible bathrooms, handicapped parking spaces, and a ramp has been put in place to make getting in easier for anyone with a physical disability. It was decided we needed a name for the church that didn’t reflect an area of the city (i.e. Southeast Christian Church). At the annual congregational meeting in August of 2000 there were several names proposed and the name Cornerstone Christian Church was chosen. 

We are excited about what God is currently doing in our church body! He’s been faithful to continue to grow our church and we are currently in the process of expanding our building to accommodate that growth. We are making several upgrades to the current building as well as expanding the sanctuary to a 200 seat auditorium.

This congregation has been the home church for many military families stationed at both Gunter and Maxwell AFB in Montgomery. These families have enriched our congregation with their faith and love. Cornerstone welcomes any of our military that may be stationed here for a time, or in for just a few weeks of schooling.

Even though Cornerstone is not a very old congregation we are part of a movement that goes back hundreds of years. There were several Christians at that time tired of the fighting between denominations. They also found many practices at that time that didn’t seem to agree with what the Bible had to say. It seemed that almost at the same time, in different parts of America, several people came up with the same idea, “Let’s put aside all our traditions and creeds and take a fresh look at the Bible.” Thousands of people did just that. The Restoration Movement was begun with a dream of uniting all Christians by emphasizing only those things clearly taught in the New Testament. People traded in their man-made rules and creeds for simple statements of the Bible. It has now been many years and these principals that motivated so many in the beginning continue to motivate people today. Cornerstone is now a part of over 6,000 churches and 1.5 million members across America.