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Cornerstone services are come as you are. You will see some in suits and some in jeans, but as a general rule dress is casual. We believe God wants your worship and the fact you are in a three piece suit or jeans and a T-shirt isn’t what concerns Him.


Services begin with worship in music, followed by the morning message and a time of decision. Then the Lord’s Supper is served followed by the taking of an offering. This may vary on ocassion. On the subject of the offering- as a visitor do not feel compelled to give. The purpose of the offering is so those that are members are able to participate in the ministry of the church.


Our services are planned to take each one to the heart of worship before the Living God. Our music is mostly contemporary with a blend of traditional hymns. It is generally a very upbeat service with singing accompanied by a band. We have a praise team of four to six that lead the worship music. Video is often incorporated into the service and, occasionally, things such as dramatic readings and skits are incorporated into the service as well.


The Lord’s Supper is served each Lord’s Day and is open to any one that has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We don’t invite, nor turn away anyone. This is the Lord’s table and He does the inviting and we believe if you are worshiping with us and you are a believer then the table is set for you. You may take of the emblems as they are passed, or you may hold for a time meditation and then partake. We usually allow two to three minutes for the time of meditation.