CCC Ministry Teams

Cornerstone  encourages every member to be involved. Below is a list  of our current  teams with a description of their purpose.    We want  anyone involved  to hook up with a ministry that they enjoy.    When  Cornerstone grows,  leadership  meets with those that are new and reviews  areas of  involvement.   We understand that some may want to wait and  then choose  later, but the goal is that everyone desiring to do has a  place to  function in the body.

1. Missions- Dianna Stover

The  Missions ministry of CCC is designed to focus our attention and   resources outwardly to ministries whose reach goes beyond our scope as a   local church. It insures that we do not become self-centric in our   thinking and commitments, but that we look beyond our walls to support   faithful, Biblical ministries on a worldwide scope down to local   ministries in our own area. This team is tasked with:

  1. Recognizing the scope of missions as being international,  national,  state, and local (Home Missions). Insure that a balance is  maintained  between these areas.
  2. Maintaining contact with all CCC supported missions, acting as liaison for the missionaries to the elders and vice versa.
  3. Maintaining awareness of missions among CCC members.
  4. Working with the elders to insure giving remains at a level suitable to sustain and grow Cornerstone’s mission outreach.

 2. Worship Caretaker- 

Corporate  worship experiences provide an opportunity for Christians  to  participate in the teaching of the Word, fellowship, the Lord’s  Supper,  and prayer (Acts 2:42). It is an opportunity each week for  growth in  knowledge and application, as well as participation in the  outward acts  of worship. This team is tasked with:

  1. Taking a pre-service look at the auditorium, assuring that it is generally ready for worshipers.
  2. Assigning people to be responsible for the Lord’s Supper prep/cleanup/supplies.
  3. Assuring that servers are assigned each week to minister in distributing the Lord’s Supper and receiving the offering.
  4. Submitting an annual budget to the elders for the following fiscal year.

 3. Technical- John Michael Walker

Equipment  used in worship services and other meetings are tools which  enhance  the experience for all. Maintaining that equipment, including  repairing  when needed and upgrading to current standards is a part of   stewardship of the Lord’s property. This team is tasked with:

  1. Maintaining all computer systems
  2. Maintaining all stage lighting and systems
  3. Maintaining projection/multimedia systems
  4. Submitting an annual budget to the elders for the following fiscal year.

4. Education- The Elders 

The importance of accurately teaching the  Word of God in an  age-appropriate way to every group within the church  cannot be  overstated. This team is tasked with:

  1. Maintaining and promoting an education program which encompasses ages from nursery through adult.
  2. Working with the eldership, cultivating and encouraging a corps of   teachers who are able to function in single teaching, team teaching,  and  substitute teaching roles.
  3. Maintaining approved teaching materials and supplies for each teacher.
  4. Submitting an annual budget to the elders for the following fiscal year.

4. Care Contact- Gladys McBride

A vital part of functioning as a Body is caring for one another. This team is tasked with:

  1. Maintaining awareness of needs within the congregation, both spiritual and physical.
  2. Compiling and maintaining a current prayer list.
  3. Organizing the providing of meals to families/individuals who are   unable, due to surgeries or sickness, to provide for themselves.
  4. Providing appropriate remembrances (flowers, cards, etc.) to folks who are hospitalized.
  5. Submitting an annual budget to the elders for the following fiscal year.

 6. Finance- Sharon Clark

Keeping  track of the Lord’s money insures good stewardship and  empowers proper  planning for each ministry team’s activities. This team  is tasked  with:

  1. Treasurer- duties as outlined in bylaws.
  2. Maintaining a watchful eye over the general financial health of  the  church, and teaming with the elders to address areas of concern as  the  year unfolds.
  3. Compiling the annual budget for presentation to the elders.

 7. Fellowship- Tonya Generally, Rhianna Arnold

The  goal is to enhance the fellowship events for which the church   assembles by encouraging preparation and participation in those events.   This team is tasked with:

  1. Organizing set-up and clean-up for fellowship meals, after church coffees, Wednesday dinners, and other appropriate events
  2. Organizing decorating of the building or fellowship area for those   times in the year when it would be appropriate, including  Thanksgiving,  Christmas, Easter, etc.
  3. Submitting an annual budget to the elders for the following fiscal year.

8. Building and Grounds- Charlie Grider

Good stewardship of the Lord’s property  affects both the functioning  and the image of the church within the  neighborhood. Proper maintenance  saves time and money in the long run  and enhances the ability of the  church to fulfill its mission. This  team is tasked with:

  1. Overseeing upkeep of Cornerstone buildings and property, including   regular maintenance of heating/cooling systems, fire extinguishers and   emergency lighting, regular lighting both inside and external (with  the  exception of stage lighting), and lawn maintenance.
  2. Submitting an annual budget to the elders for the following fiscal year.

9. Praise Team- Andrea Ingram

Organizing  and setting goals for the worship services gives the  worshipers a  better opportunity to be participants, focusing all  attention on God,  who is the One we seek to glorify. This team is tasked  with:

  1. Planning worship services, including music, readings, special presentations, etc.
  2. Doing rehearsal in preparation for all presentations.
  3. Working closely with the preaching minister and elders to insure   cohesiveness between services and the planned direction of the church  in  general.
  4. Submitting an annual budget to the elders for the following fiscal year.

10. Greeting Team- Loyd and Gladys McBride

Every  visitor who attends Cornerstone is a person the Lord has  brought to us  to be ministered to and perhaps to join with is in  ministry. Helping  create an environment where they will feel welcome and  included is  important, from the minute they walk in to the building.  This team is  tasked with:

  1. Appropriately greeting and helping each visitor to feel welcome at CCC.
  2. Seeing to it that each visitor is seated and introduced to someone before the worship service begins.
  3. Maintaining visitor bags, with all promotional items.
  4. Submitting an annual budget to the elders for the following fiscal year.

11. Sign and Radio Messaging – Charlie Grider

  1. Cornerstone has a two-sided marquee (sign) at the corner of  Dalraida  Road and Wares Ferry Road and a very low power FM radio  transmitter  that broadcasts around the perimeter of the church  building. This  ministry is tasked with:
     Posting announcements on the sign relative to special events at   Cornerstone Christian Church and posting inspirational and uplifting   messages for public view.
  2. Working closely with the elders to ensure that Cornerstone Radio  FM  has current, updated messages on the air that describe  weekly/monthly  activities at Cornerstone Christian Church.
  3. Ensuring both the church sign and the radio transmitting facility   are electrically and electronically functioning correctly and takes any   corrective action to achieve proper, intended operation.
  4. Participation in the annual budgeting process of Cornerstone   Christian Church and submitting any known future costs relative to the   church sign and broadcasting facilities to the elders for consideration   of inclusion in the budget for the following fiscal year.