You will find Cornerstone to be a very friendly and diverse congregation! 

We love  visitors that are in town for the day, military personnel here for a  few weeks, or anyone that may be looking for a church home.  

We  know that visiting a church for the first time can often times feel  like an intimidating process, so use this section to get an idea of what  we’re about and what you can expect when you visit for the first time!


Cornerstone services are come  as you are. You will see some in suits and some in jeans, but as a  general rule dress is casual. We believe God wants your worship and the  fact you are in a three piece suit or jeans and a T-shirt isn’t what  concerns Him.


Services begin with worship in  music, followed by the morning message and a time of decision. Then the  Lord’s Supper is served followed by the taking of an offering. This may  vary on ocassion. On the subject of the offering- as a visitor do not  feel compelled to give. The purpose of the offering is so those that are  members are able to participate in the ministry of the church.


Our services are planned to take each one to the heart of worship  before the Living God. Our music is mostly contemporary with a blend of  traditional hymns. It is generally a very upbeat service with singing  accompanied by a band. We have a praise team of four to six that lead  the worship music. Video is often incorporated into the service and,  occasionally, things such as dramatic readings and skits are  incorporated into the service as well.


The Lord’s Supper is served  each Lord’s Day and is open to any one that has accepted Jesus Christ as  Lord and Savior. We don’t invite, nor turn away anyone. This is the  Lord’s table and He does the inviting and we believe if you are  worshiping with us and you are a believer then the table is set for you.  You may take of the emblems as they are passed, or you may hold for a  time meditation and then partake. We usually allow two to three minutes  for the time of meditation.


Q1. Is Cornerstone Christian Church affiliated with any denomination?

No, CCC is an independent  Christian Church (no centralized governing body). We believe that the  Bible should be a Christian’s single most important source for how to  conduct himself. We do not support the decrees of man. Cornerstone does,  however, associate with other Christian churches in Alabama and abroad.  This relationship is strengthened through such practices as Fifth  Sunday Fellowship, Youth Camps, Men’s Retreat, and Women’s Retreat.

Q2. Must I be baptized into Cornerstone?

No. If you have been baptized  before coming to Cornerstone, then you may participate in communion and  worship. We believe that this relationship is between you and God, and  being baptized into God’s family elsewhere fulfills the criteria for  membership to the body at Cornerstone.

Q3. How do you become a member?

At Cornerstone, being a member is simply a commitment to be an active  part of the body. The only requirements are that you profess faith in  Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and that you be baptized. We don’t  require any membership classes or letters of membership, but we do ask  for the opportunity to meet with you to get to know you and answer any  questions you may have. While you may place membership at any church  meeting, we prefer that you do it during invitation time. By joining  during invitation we are able to introduce you to the congregation and  let them know you are joining the church.

Q5. How often does the congregation participate in communion and how is it handled?

We observe the Lord’s supper  every Sunday during each morning worship service. On special occasions,  such as Christmas Eve Candlelight Services, we will also partake of the  bread and the cup. Our communion is simply a tray of communion crackers,  symbolizing the Lord’s broken body, and a tray of cups of grapejuice,  symbolizing the Lord’s shed blood. Our long-standing belief is that  participation in the communion is between the individual and God – we  neither invite nor keep anyone away. For those that miss communion due  to an illness or handicap, an Elder will arrange to bring communion to  those individuals so that everyone who desires may participate.

Q6. What is the worship style?

We have a mostly contemporary  service blended with traditional hymns. We believe that musical  instruments are simply tools we can use to help praise and glorify God.  We have a band and a praise team who lead the congregation in worship.