jay's Corner

February 2020

A Big Thing To Be Thankful For…

1 Peter 1:22, 23

We have many, many reasons to give thanks to our Heavenly Father. A primary one is the Body of Christ at Cornerstone, our own brothers and sisters.

We can have many Christian friends many places in the world, and they can and should be very dear to us. We can have Christian friends in other churches locally. They should also be near to our hearts. But the group at Cornerstone is our immediate family. They are the “first line” of friends with whom we associate regularly, minister with, and minister to. As we win people to Jesus, it is natural that we bring them into association with this Body, that they may become a functioning part in harmony with all the rest of us. This family is our base for service – together we become the tools the Lord uses throughout the year to touch lives. The folks here are our “growth partners”- together we learn the deeper things of God’s Word and make application to our lives. We pray for one another, reach out when someone hurts, rejoice with each other, hold each oth-er accountable, encourage and uplift one another.

This Body is unique – it has a corporate personality, habits, and characteristics. It is not perfect, because as flawed human beings, we make mistakes. Sometimes we have to say, “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” Sometimes we must make adjustments and course changes. Sometimes we must go the extra mile in extending grace to one another. A great thing about a great church is that it is a place where tired souls can find welcome, acceptance, and love. Where serving God in His way takes priority above all.

So, I hope you feel attached in a very good way to Cornerstone. There are opportunities here to get involved and use your gifts to God’s glory. If you have a passion or area of ministry you’d like to start, come talk to the Elders. Invite a friend who has no church family to come visit. Even better, invite a friend who doesn’t have a relationship with Je-sus to come. It might start a process of change in their life for eternal good!