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February 2020

April 2020

How Ya Doin’?

Proverbs 3

How are you doing at this stage of the worldwide COVID-19 crisis? We’ve been at it for awhile now, and although it is a changing scenario, people seem to be adapting and making the best of things. It has certainly required some changes in the lifestyle most of us are used to.

God is still God, His Word and the examples, lessons, and promises therein have not changed one iota. This circumstance could get better or worse, according to which expert you hear, but the same God who is, was, and ever shall be will never change. He’s consistent and reliable.

He’s available to us, loves us, and is working through this situation to grow us toward maturity.

Proverbs 3 is an excellent chapter for those who are having trouble hanging on to faith. There are a series of statements made there which declare God’s promised actions, interspersed with things we should do to grow our trust in Him, and some of the consequences of failing to trust in God. It is a good stand-alone read, or a springboard from which to chase down topics.

How we approach anything is a matter of our own choice. Have you chosen to unreservedly trust God? Have you made good decisions as to the practical matters of supplying your needs and taking care of your health? If you need help, have you reached out to the elders of the church, or any Christian friend?

There is an extensive article included in this month’s newsletter from Drs. Joe and Melanie Rightmyer, who oversee “Your Body, God’s Temple” ministry at Cornerstone. Read it and contact them with any questions you may have. They are a precious resource God blessed us with. Don’t dwell in fear- get answers.

Everything in this newsletter on the calendar or announcement section is contingent on the so- cial distancing and isolation situation. As of this writing, we will use Facebook streaming on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM and Wednesday evenings at 6 PM. CCC Radio will broadcast Sun- day at 10:30 for any who wish to sit in the parking lot and listen. Set your dial to FM 87.9.

It’s a wild ride. God is more than capable of steering us through it. Trust Him and don’t be distracted from Him. Give Him praise!